The DLX Security Coin

Fully registered with SEC to become a Crypto Asset and Security for profits and purchases.

We are creating a Blockchain Coin with FIAT liquidity linked as security. Endless possibilities with any realworld application. 100% Company profits will be injected into the coin and coin holders (50 / 50 ratio) DLX will never depreciate in value and will be an investment. Because Delta-X Platforms will host services which you can use your DLX Coins we are enabling the crypto dream.

Technology behind DLX Coin

The Delta-X Coin will be a fully compliant SEC Currency.

DLX Blockchain will integrate various Smart Contract Standards to accomodate decentralized real world applications.

Delta-X Exchange, Online Shopping & a secure Escrow Platform just to name a few applications which will use the DLX Coin.

The App Delta-X

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can manage every thing via your Mobile device, favorite Browser or our Desktop App.


Web Application, Android App, IOS App & Windows App

Crypto Dashboard "View your TradingView & Social accounts in one dashboard

  • Delta-X Crypto Exchange
  • Own Wallet Integration
  • Crypto Dashboard
  • Online Shop
  • Escrow Platform


We creating a new multipurpose coin with technology advanced applications around it

Delta-X change

All in one Crypto Exchange with a Multi Purpose Dashboard

    Security Layers:

  • Multi Signature transaction validation
  • Delta-X Transactions more secure with Multisig Technology.
  • Time-locked Transactions
  • Near impossible for hackers to draw funds from phishing victims.
  • Time base Multi Factor Authentication
  • Adds extra layer of security.
  • DDOS prevention on Exchange and API layers
  • Uptime of platform maximized.
  • Hardware with HSM capabilities
  • Hardware Security Modules protects all security keys on the platform.


DLX Coins will be based on Smart Contracts Specifications, & and will be a Centralized Blockchain.


Jan 01, 2019 (0:00AM GMT)

Total Coin Supply

500 000 000 DLX

Number of coins for sale

70 000 000 DLX


July 31, 2019 (11:59AM GMT)

ICO Phases

Phase 1: 5 000 000 DLX at $0.14

Phase 2: 15 000 000 DLX at $.30

Phase 3: 20 000 000 DLX at $0.35

Phase 4: 30 000 000 DLX at $0.40

Total Capital to Raise

$24 200 000

Acceptable Crypto Currencies

 BTC ,   ETH 

Distribution of tokens


Use of proceeds


Our Roadmap Delta-X

January 2018

Formulation of Idea

March 2018

Contracts and framework finalized

May 2018

Form initial team

July 2018

ICO Preparation and Start of platform development

January 1st 2019

Initial Coin Offering Opens - Phase (1) & (2)

March 1st 2019

Initial Coin Offering - Phase 3

June 2019

ICO Phase 4 start, SEC Registration & building of DTX Blockchain

August 2019

Commercial license preparation

October 2019

Distribution of DTX Coins

November 2019

Delta-X Platform(s) go-live

December 2019

Mobile DApps Development


The Delta-X Team combines a passion for crypto, industry expertise & experts in finance, development & marketing.


Jaco van Niekerk
Founder, CEO & CTO

Jaco van Niekerk

Founder, CEO & CTO

He is determine and dedicated to any project he begins.

Very hands on with development and testing. He never rest until every part of his projects are tested and each line of code inspected.

Software Architecture
Smart Contract Engineer
Gordon Allan
Founder, CEO & COO

Gordon Allan

Founder, CEO & COO

A determined, imaginative and disruptive leader with a background in security, finance and leading teams.

He’s a digital enthusiast and an advocate of e-commerce and cryptocurrency.

Business Management
Leader Strengths


Mary-Ann Allan
Graphic Designer & Marketing

Mary-Ann Allan

Graphic Designer, Marketing & Finance

A results-driven, passionate individual who strives for perfection in marketing and graphical designing

and with some healthy financial experience she is just the right person to make sticking to budget, look good.

Graphic Design
Grant I'Anson
Senior Blockchain Developer

Grant I'Anson

Senior Blockchain Developer

A Fullstack Developer with extensive programming knowledge.

Smart Contracts
Full Stack Developer
Blockchain Specialist
Cindy Fisher
Legal and Compliance

Cindy Fisher

Legal and Compliance

Bilingual Lawyer with years of experience. Graduated from the University of Pretoria.

Legal and Business Advisor to ensure the highest degree of compliance and adherence to all relevant government policies.

Hybrid Dashboard with

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

The Delta-Xchange - All-in-one Exchange where you can trade over 50+ coins paired with BTC/ETH & USD.

We have a unique dashboard which include access to all major popular platforms.

Now you can access your accounts on Gmail, GoogleDrive, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, Spotify & TradingView in one platform without leaving the Exchange.

** All major wallets will be available for you to transfer your funds to and from the Delta-Xchange, even your Trezor hardware wallet **

Delta-Xscrow - Our unique Escrow Platform will enable you to buy or sell "your goods" with the knowledge that trust is build into the smart contract.

One thing less to be worried about, when you sell your goods you will get your money or when you buy the item you always wanted be sure that the trade is executed by DLX's build in smart contact.

Delta-X Online - This is were you can buy the latest Tech with your crypto. All major Crypto Currencies supported as payment methods.

We don't charge anything for the usage of these services. We wanted to build a all-in-one service which every trader can enjoy.

PRE-ICO - Phase 1 is Pre-ICO and we so confident in the success of the Delta-X company that we guarantee buy back at 142% of the initial capital investment of Phase 1 buyers.

ICO - Phase 2,3 & 4 will get the DLX Coin on different discounts. Ultimately the longer you wait to buy DLX the more you will pay.

Phase 2 - 4 buyers still get the coin for a reduced price.

POST-ICO - Any other DLX Coins POST-ICO will only be available to buy on the Delta-Xchange once demand is greater than supply.

** Please see FAQ DLX Token for more info**

DLX - Centralized Blockchain, security againts 51% attacks.

Profits - 50% of all the Profits Delta-X cc makes incl trade profit, online shop profits will be evenly distributed to all DLX coin holders.

Payment can be made in any crypto supported by Delta-Xchange excl DLX Coins.

The other 50% profits of Delta-X cc will be turned into FIAT liquidity and injected into the DLX Coin liquidity pool, thus increasing the value of the DLX Coin each month.

DLX hardcapped at 500 000 000

Delta-X cc will have no more or less than 40 000 000 DLX coins. When demand is greater than supply the exchange will use it's own DLX coin profits and release more DLX coins into the market.

This will greate a sustainable eco environment which will never depreciate the DLX coin value ever.

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Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Delta-X The Smart Investment